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**Call & Trade: Additional charges of Rs. 20 per executed order Digital Contract notes would be sent via Email NSE Charges, Transaction Charges and Statutory Levies will be charged as applicable. ***DP charges of Rs.15/- per script will be levied in client account in case of outgoing transaction eg. payin to exchange against sell obligation in equity cash segment or transfer of shares to 3rd party demat account .

Know your brokerage cost upfront

SAS Online provides transparency in terms of trading fees and charges. Use our brokerage calculator to know the total trading charges and the break even before you place your trading order with us.

Brokerage Calculator

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*EachTrade is for 2.5 lakhs

FAQ: Pricing

When will brokerage be deducted from my account in case of Unlimited Monthly Plan ?
  • Kindly note that Rs. 999 / 499 monthly brokerage plan is charged on calendar monthly basis (is applicable from 1st date of month to last date of month) and a maximum of Rs. 999 / 499 only will be levied in your account in a month.
  • Brokerage is charged on the basis of your turnover daily and once you reach to an amount of Rs. 999 / 499 , then no brokerage will be levied in your account for that complete month irrespective of your trading volumes.
  • We at SAS Online, want you to only pay whenever you trade in your account, so in case of no trading in your account then no brokerage will be levied.
Can i change my brokerage plan . If yes then How ?
  • a. Yes, you can change your brokerage plan anytime by simply sending a request from your registered email id to
  • b. * Brokerage plan change will be applicable from the next working day.
What is Zero% brokerage?
  • Our Zero% brokerage promise ensures that you don’t have to pay brokerage cost according to the volume of the trade. Traditional brokers charge brokerage as a % of the volume traded. You only need to pay a fixed price per executed order or a fixed monthly price to carry out unlimited number of trades.

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