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Stamp Duty

Fellow Traders Implemented Stamp Duty to be charged as per the state you are residing in for the following states: 1. Gujarat, Kerala, Delhi, Maharashtra & Rajasthan (0.002% for Intraday Cash, Future, Currency / .01% for Delivery) 2. Karnataka & Goa (0.01%, max Rs. 50 per contract) 3. Tamil Nadu (0.006%) 4. Andhra Pradesh & Orrisa (0.005%, max Rs. 50 per contract) 5. Himachal Pradesh & Haryana (0.003%, max Rs. 30 per contract) 6. Meghalaya  & Arunachal Pradesh  (0.04%, max Rs. 40 per contract) 7. Assam (0.018%, max Rs. 49.5 per contract) Stamp Duty for all other states will be charged as per Delhi Stamp Duty for now. You can also check the updated charges (without the stamp duty) in our Brokerage Calculator.... read more

Merry Profit and Happy New Trades!

Fellow Traders Wishing you a very happy New Year! Will 2014 be the year of the bull or the bear? Whenever anyone asked JP Morgan, the legendary financier, for his opinion about the stock market, he would only say, “It will fluctuate.” Only Time Will Tell. Have a profitable trading year... read more

The Reverse January Effect!

It refers to the rise in Indian markets in Nov-Dec, followed by a decline in January. This has happened five times in 10 years since 2003. This year, the Nifty has not risen during Nov-Dec. So should we be expecting a rise in January? FYI, it is the opposite in US markets, i.e. stocks prices decline in December due to profit/loss booking and rebound back in January as buyers... read more

Refer Now Earn Forever!

The SAS Online Associate Programme presents an opportunity to further reduce your brokerage and earn free for life! Simply refer a friend to sign up and trade with us and you automatically qualify for Associate status. It’s that simple! Now you can generate a monthly income even without trading in the market! Also learn about, refer &... read more


Fellow Traders, Welcome to the SAS Online blog – Trader’s Desk. By Traders For Traders. A place where you can read about our services and offerings as well as request a topic or post a query and get it answered. Also, we will endeavor to keep you up to date with the happenings at SAS and the Indian Market in general. We have been a member of NSE since 1995 as South Asian Stocks Ltd (SAS). We are a highly reputed brokerage house, facilitating clients to trade in NSE Cash, BSE Cash, NSE F&O and NSE Currency. We started our discount brokerage model 9 months ago in April and have now reached 1500+ active clients!!! So a big thank you to all of you and the trading community for your support and trust. May the odds be ever in your... read more