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The Alpha trading platform offers a superior trading experience.


Alpha Platform – Light, Fast and Intuitive. It is one of the fastest, most reliable and user-friendly platforms available in the country today. Servers are co-located with the exchange thus ensuring tick by tick rate updates and quick order routing. It comes in downloadable TRADER as well as MOBILE versions.

Alpha Trader

Integrated Trading and Superior charting platform Alpha desktop platform delivers all the power, speed and flexibility active traders demand : Dynamic market-scanning tools, fully customizable charting, lighting-fast trade execution, advanced order management and facility to trade from charts.

  1. Connectivity : Trade across NSE, BSE and MCX from a single window. Get lightening fast real time quotes.
  2. Advanced Charting : 80+ Technical Indicators and 10 Types of charts such as Candle, Bar etc for Technical Analysis.
  3. Market Scanners and Expert Advisors : Uncover emerging opportunities using Scripted Alerts and market scanners and test your ideas with real market data

You can download the setup file from here


Light, Fast and Adaptable Web Based Platform


1. Delivers real time market feed with the advanced socket technology.
2. Instant Buy and sell during high volatility without missing a beat. Use familiar keyboard shortcuts to rapidly enter orders and navigate the platform.
3. Customizable themes for charting, 10+ chart types, 100+ Technical indicators
4. Live market screeners to find hot stocks. E.g: Most active stocks, Volume shockers, 52 week high/ low breakers etc.

Experience hassle free trade

SAS Mobile Trader image signifies the trading platform is highly secure and work across multiple platforms

SAS Nest Traders


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Benefits of using SAS Nest Traders Application

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ALPHA Mobile

Our feature-rich mobile app puts the power of Trader in the palm of your hand. Alpha Mobile synchs to your online account, allowing you to monitor quotes, analyze charts, place orders, trade stocks or check your positions – all in real time.

  1. Real time market data of individual contracts and market indices
  2. Advanced order types – cover orders, bracket orders and after market orders.
  3. Get notifications for order execution and price alerts
  4. Position Conversion and square-off options
  5. Pay-in funds to your SAS account via the app

You can download the setup file from here

More Features...


Zero down time, Tick by tick update as servers are co-located with the exchange.

Multiple Platforms

Trade across multiple platforms – Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

SPAN Calculator

Calculate your Intra-day and Carry forward margins using SPAN calculator.

Auto Pay-in

Transfer funds via payment gateway and get instant limit update via Pay-in feature inbuilt in SAS Trader.

Trade Confirmation via SMS

Keep track of your trades via instant confirmation via SMS.

Higher Margins

Higher leverage via Cover orders and Bracket orders.

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