What is Pre-Open market session?

Pre-Open market session

The NSE and BSE introduced the pre – open session to reduce volatility and provide better price discovery in the markets.

Fellow Traders

The pre-open market session lasts for 15 minutes from 9 AM to 9:15 AM and is divided into three parts:


  1. First 8 minutes: In the first 8 minutes orders are placed. They can be canceled or modified during this time period also.
  2. Next 4 minutes: In the next 4 minutes price discovery will be done, and orders will be executed. Our suggestion is that go with best stock brokers.
  3. Next 3 minutes: The next 3 minutes are used to facilitate the transition from pre – open to regular session.

One can place orders only in cash segment.  F&O segment is not available in pre-open session. Also exchange stipulates that only limit and market orders can be placed in this session . Stop Loss orders are not allowed.


  • The orders that have not been traded are carried forwarded to the normal trading session.
    1.  Limit Orders that are not traded during Pre-Open Session will be moved to normal trading session at the same price.
    2.  Market Orders that are not traded during Pre-Open session will be moved to normal trading session @ Opening Price.

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